No matter how big your email, we can send it!

What is LinkAttach?
● LinkAttach lets you send large files as easily as you email a file.
● LinkAttach lets you send files “breaking” the large email barrier.
● LinkAttach sends your recipient a file link for download with one easy click.

What issue does LinkAttach solve?
How often have you sent a large email file (file attachment), only to receive the error message “files cannot be delivered due to their size”? LinkAttach fixes that! LinkAttach will send big files and attach large files.

Why use LinkAttach?
● Senders benefit as their email attachments always get delivered and recipients simply open their email as normal.
● Recipients benefit as their email files isn’t loaded with large attachments.
● All users beneft as LinkAttach is a secure way to transfer files.

How is LinkAttach different from other solutions?
● You don’t need to rely on your recipient to download any software. All they do is open their email and file link.
● LinkAttach users can use either a web interface to send their files, or send directly from their Outlook application.

What types of files are being sent with LinkAttach?
● Real-Estate Documents ● Legal Documents
● Engineering/Architectural plans ● Financial Documents
● Company Brochures ● Medical Records
● Music Files ● Photographs
● Video Files ● Presentations
● ZIP files ● Many more!
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